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  • What is MYMO?

    We capture a unique image from events across the globe and allow fans to add a personalised message. After the event you are also sent a digital version at hte official 'I was there'. The image is used once for MYMO, making it completely unique and limited.

  • How big is a MYMO?

    The size of each MYMO is set at a classic 10x8 inch. We have found this to be the perfect size as it provides enough space for event insignia and personalised message.

  • What does it contain?

    Each MYMO is printed using the highest quality photographic printing techniques. It contains the the event / team/ artist/ tour or sponsor insignia, personalised message, venue name and your personalised message and limited print number.

  • Is the image different?

    When you order the MYMO proio to an event, you will see a different image. This is because the image we use is a placeholder. Your image will be from the event you attend and is signed off by the Artist or Manager ensuring quality and endorsement.

  • Is the image official?

    Yes. Our images are only approved by the club / event or artist management. For tours, the image changes for every performance or game and is often the only official image available for the event.

  • When will I receive it?

    You receive orders eith the next day (if you attend a show in Las Vegas and select hotel delivery) or within seven working days of the performance..


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